Air pistols are pistol-sized, firearm replicas that use pressurized air to propel metallic projectiles (usually diabolo-shaped pellets or spherical shots called BBs). They can be powered by either piston, spring or CO2 power plants. They can be used for practice, target shooting, hunting small game, and competing in matches.

Air Guns
The most common air pistols are spring-powered, and they use a coiled steel or gas piston to shoot the projectile down the barrel. This type of air pistol requires little maintenance, and it’s the most popular choice among recreational shooters. The Umarex Trevox and the Beeman P1 are two examples of a good spring-powered air pistol.

Rifled Air Pistols
Air rifled pistols use a barrel to guide the projectile through its flight, and they have much greater accuracy than spring-powered pistols. Rifled air pistols are also used for target shooting, hunting small game, and varmint control.

Rifled air pistols require high levels of air pressure to shoot well. This can cause the pistol to “diesel”, which results in combustion smoke coming out of the muzzle, and potential pressure damage to the rubber O-rings in the breech seal. Dieseling can also result in loss of velocity and precision.

Many air pistols are designed as accurate replicas of firearms, with size, weight and handling closely matching the original firearm model. These CO2-powered replicas are very popular as training guns, because they offer an economical way to train more often and more effectively. air pistols

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