Gaming keyboards are more than just the foundation of your gaming setup—they’re finely tuned instruments designed to help you win. These keyboards perform faster and more precisely than standard desktop computers’ keyboards, with key features like customizable keys that change based on what you’re doing, anti-ghosting technology that makes sure every keypress registers, and construction that can stand up to long gaming marathons.

To find the best gaming keyboard for you, consider your budget and gaming style, then evaluate key factors like switch type availability, programmability, keycap swapping, USB passthrough, and ergonomics. The most important factor is the type of switch used, which determines how the keys feel and act when pressed. Cherry Blue switches, for instance, offer tactile and audible feedback, making them great for serious typists. Cherry Red switches are light and smooth, with a shorter actuation point that lets you react to fast-twitch reflexes in games.

The HyperX Alloy Origins is a great choice for mainstream gamers who want to get down to the business of mashing buttons. Its compact, quality build and colorful RGB lighting are a joy to look at and touch. It also has a comfortable, soft wrist rest and features HyperX’s quick linear switches that are ideal for fast-paced shooters.

The Razer Huntsman V2 TKL takes the second generation of Razer’s Optical switches and wraps them in a beautiful, easy-to-carry design. Its surprisingly fast performance and stunning aesthetic make it the best TKL keyboard in our tests. It also has a full suite of customizable features, including a programmable multi-function dial and a generous padded detachable wrist rest. gaming keyboards

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