The electric fan is one of the most important electrical inventions of all time, it’s a fundamental building block for more advanced technologies such as computers, lasers, large LED lights, petrol and electric automobiles, the space station, etc. It’s hard to imagine our lives without them!

The basic electric fan is made up of metallic blades tightened on a round motor with a cage to protect the user from inadvertent blade contact. When electricity passes through the coils of copper wire inside the motor, it produces a rotational force that causes the hub or rotor to rotate. The slightly angled blades then turn counterclockwise to draw cool air down from the ceiling and circulate it throughout the room.

Many fans come equipped with a pull-chain that allows the user to control the motor dial or switch; some also include a separate switch for controlling an optional light kit, so the user can have both the fan and the light on simultaneously or separately. If a fan isn’t spinning at all after the switch has been turned off, it might just need a bit of oil; put some in the bearing that touches the shaft and see if it spins longer.

It’s a great idea to keep an old electric fan in good working condition in case you need it during a power outage. However, you must make sure that it has not been damaged in storage or corroded by moisture before using it again. electric fan

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