Fertility Centre Dubai is a state-of-the-art clinic providing world-class fertility treatment to both UAE residents and non-residents, including both female and male infertile couples. The clinic is staffed with highly qualified and experienced consultant doctors in gynaecology, endocrinology, specialist Embryologists, and an excellent team of nurses and lab technicians. The team of medical professionals is committed to ensuring that all the patients receive the best possible care and are treated with compassion and sensitivity.

The doctor will ask about your past health history and conduct a physical exam. They may also order tests to check the levels of certain hormones in your blood and how well your ovaries are functioning. The test results will help the doctor determine if you have a condition that might be contributing to your infertility.

Then, your doctor will suggest fertility medications. These will help your ovaries produce multiple eggs. These eggs are of top quality and will be able to fertilize. Fertility medications will also improve sperm motility. Once the eggs are mature, your fertility expert will insert them into your uterus. Then, they will monitor the procedure. The procedure can be complicated but is effective in many cases. This will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Fertility Centre Dubai

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