Five Alternate Miles Morales Costumes For Spider-Man

With the release of Spider-Man 2 right around the corner, Insomniac is giving fans a look at five alternate Miles Morales Costume to choose from. The new suits join the T.R.A.C.K, Uptown Pride, 2020, and Crimson Cowl costumes available in the game.

Harlem Suit
Inspired by the community that created it, this black-and-red suit has a gold trim, additional red lining on the gloves and boots, a bigger version of his spider logos on the chest, and extra downward arrows on the upper arms. It’s a little bit more flashy than Miles’ original outfit and fits in well with his urban style.

Octavius Suit
In the comics, Octavius used Miles’ old costume to impersonate him during his reign as king of the Kangaroos. This redesigned version has black replacing the blue, a spikier web design on the mask and belt, a larger skull-like spider symbol on the back of the suit, more red on the gloves, and a bigger toe on both boots with retractable claws.

Carnage Doppelganger Suit
After being bonded to his symbiote by Carnage, Miles’ suit took on a red tone and the spiral of the symbiote became yellow. This corrupted suit has a similar webbing pattern as the normal suit, but the color doesn’t pass through the spider logo on the chest.

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit
A nod to Miles’ time at the school, this suit combines his classic suit with a sweater and backpack for those days when crime doesn’t take a break for school. It also has a cool cel-shaded look that makes the hero resemble the cartoon version of him from the Spider-Verse movie. Lastly, it’s equipped with the ability to create stronger webs that stun groups of enemies for more time, which is useful in large brawls. Spider-man Miles Morales Costume

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