How to Get More Enhanced YouTube Views

Enhanced YouTube views are the number of times someone watches your video on YouTube, including on mobile devices and via embeds and videos shared on social media like Facebook. Each time someone plays a video and watches it for 30 seconds or more, YouTube counts that as a view.

The more views your video has, the higher it ranks in search engine results and recommendations on YouTube. This boosts the perceived popularity of your video, and can help you build a loyal following of viewers who are interested in your content.

To improve your video’s odds of showing up in search results, research the keywords your audience uses to find YouTube content. Tools like Answer the Public and Keywords Everywhere can show you related phrases your audience searches for. Then, create compelling video titles and descriptions that use those keywords.

When creating your video, try to keep the title short and to the point. You only get 157 characters, and viewers can’t see more than a few words of the description until they click “show more.” Instead, add a brief summary that gives a preview of what the video is about.

During the video, add info cards that offer more information about the topic or a link to your website, other videos on your channel, or outside channels you’ve created. These are great ways to keep viewers engaged, and can also encourage them to subscribe. You can even add a “watch more” button to your video’s end screen that links directly to another one of your videos, encouraging viewers to continue watching your content. Enhanced YouTube views

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