The Best Reusable Milk Storage Bags

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pumper, finding the best reusable milk storage bags is essential for building your freezer stash and keeping your milk safe. The best ones prevent leaks and bursts, lay flat for storage, stand upright for easy pours, and provide plenty of labeling space. You’ll also want them to be BPA-free, have a secure closure type, and freeze up evenly.

The best reusable milk storage bags can make the transfer from bag to bottle seamless and spill-proof, which is especially important when you’re rushing out of the house and don’t have time to pump straight into a bottle. Grownsy’s bags are made with a smooth, matte oil label that resists wear and tear, along with temperature-sensing labels to let you know your milk is cold or at the optimal feeding temperature.

These extra-thick, BPA-free bags have a double-zipper lock and are super durable. Hundreds of women give them top ratings, saying they never leak or rupture. They’re roomier than many other options on the market, holding 8 ounces instead of 6 (and some say they even go up to 10 ounces) and they lie flat in the freezer and stand up easily.

These budget-friendly bags aren’t made specifically to be pumped into, but they work well for most moms. They feature a large opening and double-zipper seal, plus they’re very affordable at $16 for 100. They don’t seal quite as tightly as the Kiinde bags, however, and they didn’t lie as flat in our tests. best reusable milk storage bags

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