A Bespoke suit is designed, patterned and cut from scratch specifically for a single customer. This is a world away from the “made to measure” suits that you can buy off the rack, which are amenable to accommodating specific measurements but fall short of truly achieving custom tailoring mastery.

A bespoke suit requires multiple fittings and an investment of time and money, but once worn the result is nothing less than stunning. The process of making a bespoke suit involves more than 40 professional measurements by a master stylist and tailor, including circumferences around the shoulders, chest, and waist; three different widths for your hips; and your inseam (inner leg length from your crotch to your ankle). The cloth is then pressed, shrunk, stretched and stitched into a shape-fitting garment that is as close as you’ll ever come to wearing a second skin.

The best bespoke tailors will allow you to modify the pattern as much as possible during the construction process, meaning that even though your jacket or trousers might be finished, you can still change elements such as sleeve length and waist circumference. Some of the top tailors will also offer a number of basted fittings in which the suit is loosely stitched together with white basting thread so that you can see the garment taking shape.

The result is a tailored suit that fits you like a second skin, which is why men who know their fashion will never settle for anything less. Bespoke suits are a status symbol that sends a message of affluence and class that can’t be ignored. Bespoke suit

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