A Crypto Mixer is a service that blends the cryptocurrency wallets of many users together to obscure the origin and ownership of a particular cryptocurrency. These services are used by users who value financial privacy and want to avoid being linked to a certain coin or transaction. Unfortunately, they are often misconstrued as tools for covert or illicit activities. While mixers can be useful for criminals, they are primarily legitimate tools for users seeking to protect their financial independence and increase their security.

A typical cryptocurrency mixer works by combining your bitcoin with other users’ coins in its pool. The bitcoins are then jumbled and redistributed across multiple output addresses, making it extremely difficult to track or tie the funds back to a single owner. In addition to this, mixers typically postpone the transaction between the sender’s address and the destination address for an additional layer of anonymity.

There are two types of mixers: custodial and non-custodial. Custodial mixers hold the user’s bitcoin and then re-route them to a new address, while non-custodial mixers are permissionless and do not need to hold any of the participants’ assets. Non-custodial mixers are generally more secure and offer greater levels of anonymity than their custodial counterparts.

Mixers are often the target of regulators due to their obvious money laundering applications. They have been implicated in a number of cases and several exchanges have stopped facilitating mixer transactions or severely restrict them. This raises a number of questions that investors, users, and other parties need to consider when evaluating, assessing or using a cryptocurrency mixer. Crypto Mixer

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