A school is an educational institution with classrooms and teachers that provides instruction to students (or pupils). Most countries have schools for children of various ages. Schools may offer a variety of subjects and activities. Some schools are private, while others are public. Some are faith-based, such as Christian or Catholic schools. Others are run by special education agencies or state governments. Some are charter schools, which are publicly funded but independent of many of the rules and regulations that apply to traditional public schools.

Many parents believe that their kids aren’t happy at school because of bad teachers, too much homework, or mean classmates. But, according to research, those aren’t the real reasons why kids don’t enjoy school: they don’t feel engaged. They want a shrinking class size, a teacher who greets them by name, and reassurance that what they’re learning is actually going to make their life better.

School is where kids learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them. Even when they come home upset about their latest science project or hurt by a bully, it’s part of how they become people.

Depending on the country, a student’s school experience can last anywhere from nine months to four years. The school year typically runs from late-August or September through mid-June. Students spend the bulk of their time in the classroom with their instructors, though some attend summer programs. Other students attend vocational schools, community colleges, or universities. school

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